Sandy Deacon is an abstract painter whose work is improvisational and loosely geometric. She is influenced by a variety of sources, including textiles, quilts, aerial imagery, and the patterns and rhythms of coastal environments--especially the Cape Cod Bay. She primarily paints in oils, but also works in colored pencils, water media,and collage.

Deacon earned her Master of Fine Arts degree from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Memphis. Originally from Memphis, she moved to Provincetown to continue painting after attending grad school residencies at the Fine Arts Work Center. She now primarily resides in Los Gatos, California, but also works in her painting studio in Provincetown several times a year.

"My approach to painting and drawing is abstract, improvisational, geometric

and organic, obsessive, tangential, layered. . . These canvases are little worlds that I can control, the result of wrangling some chaos by conducting shapes and rhythms and manipulating light/color to create images and spaces that jive with me. A lot of things go through my mind when I am working. They run the gamut from worrying about global, political and personal concerns, to thinking about what/how people create in challenging circumstances, to loving special places, people and animals. It really gets back to the childhood days of coloring with a box of crayons on the playground, and having serious discussions and debates with pals about midnight blue and sea-foam green, and singing songs to myself while diligently working at finding the right combo of shapes and colors. . . I still search for that 'rightness,' that naive joy, that safe space on the page where all was good and beautiful, regardless of

the horrors happening outside of the playground fence."

- Sandy Deacon

'Cha Cha Stop'
As the Crow Flies'
'Summer Solstice'
'Moi Je Joue'
'Sea Colony'
'Sun Kissed'
'Morning After'
'Ebb Tide'