Robert Dente is a painter and printmaker, and the recipient of many esteemed prizes, including two Artist Fellowship Awards  from The National Endowment For The Arts. 


Known for his atmospheric landscapes evoking paradoxical sensations, the poet and art critic, John Yau, wrote: "Dente arrives at a disquieting luminosity by having the paint remain paint. His juxtaposition of two distinct worlds is direct, and even simple, but the result is a state of complex feeling. Both dependent and independent, each world needs the other to become itself. The conjunction of movement and stillness is but one of the activating formal tensions; another is generated by the relationship between the works' scale and the implied space of the artist's subject matter. These intimately scaled monoprints embrace the sky, and the vastness one associates with infinity. In its stillness and quietude the lower world echoes this immensity."


New England landscape with its scenic stretches of water—as well as the haunting Italian countryside (culled from numerous sojourns to Italy) inspires his images. His affinity for the spontaneous possibilities of the monotype and monoprint process, with its layered archeology of colored brush marks, flourished after study with Michael Mazur in Provincetown. Dente has also been deeply influenced by many Provincetown painters and printmakers, from Hawthorne to Hofmann—in particular Hofmann's students, Wolf Kahn and Paul Resika. 


Over the course of three decades, the artist has been invited, by the U.S. Department of State, to exhibit his work in numerous traveling solo exhibitions throughout Brazil, Mexico and Italy. Mr Dente’s art is in many public and private international collections as well as a part of the Art In Embassies Permanent Collection at the United States Embassy and Ambassador's residence in Rome, Italy. 

'Provincetown with Sunlit Cloud'
'Sunlit Hillside, Windy Day'
'Victorian House'
'Torre del Mangia, Siena'
'White Village, Approaching Storm'
'Fog Rolling In, Ptown from Truro'
'Abandoned Sicilian Farm'
'#10 Beachside Cottages, Sunny Day'