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on view at the Cape Cod Museum of Art                                    

Crossing the Line: Innovators of the
White-Line Print

Through March 26, 2017 


BJO Nordfeldt's 'Tea Time in Morocco' and several other white-line woodblock prints from the Julie Heller Gallery are on view at the Cape Cod Museum of Art in Dennis, Massachusetts.

"Nordfeldt has been given credit with creating what today is called the White-Line Woodblock Print, which was given that name because there is a white line around each element where the white paper shows through.  Originally known as the Single Block or Provincetown Print. A single block was cut, all colors were painted onto the single block and a print was pulled." 

This wonderful exhibition presents examples of white-line prints from their first creation in the early 1900s to the present day.  Visitors will also enjoy a “creative table” to try their hand at a simple print process.


Julie Heller Gallery is pleased to participate in this special exhibition organized by Suzanne Packer, artist and former CCMOA director.


Tea Time in Morocco

by BJO NORDFELDT   (1878-1955)

BLANCHE LAZZELL Two Boats woodblock

OLIVER CHAFFEE Mask, Provincetown, 1941

TOD LINDENMUTH The Fishing Fleet

BLANCHE LAZZELL white-line woodblock printmaking instruction ad

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