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M.J. Levy Dickson explores global interconnectedness through her artwork, and has discovered a common denominator in the natural world. Patterns of color, light, mood, subject, texture, and sound, transcend conventional boundaries, such as those between land and water or time and space. 

Dickson works in a variety of media to convey a composite relationship between mood and subject. With a deep body of work spanning oils, watercolor, pen and ink, glass and now metal sculpture, Dickson frequently investigates the intersections of water with land and life.


She adapts form, color, line, texture, weight, and mood to her unique expression. Playing the boundaries between Abstract, Realist, and Expressionist, she finds, records, and is inspired by the universal in nature. These discoveries are reflected in her work, from tenures as artist-in-residence in Tangier and the Perkins School for the Blind,  to her many exhibitions in Iceland, Bali, the Caribbean, the American Southwest and China.

Untitled [Brush Study]
Untitled [Pebbles & Shells]
'Sargasso Dry'
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