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Maurice Sterne (1877/78 – 1957) was an American sculptor and painter remembered today for his association with philanthropist Mabel Dodge Luhan, to whom he was married from 1916 to 1923. He began his career as a draftsman and painter, and critics noted the similarity of his work, in its volume and weight, to sculpture. A trip to Greece in 1908 introduced him to archaic Greek statues, inspiring him to experiment with the form himself in stone. He also traveled to Bali to paint and sketch, which further informed his later work.


He was one of a dozen sculptors invited to compete in the Pioneer Woman statue competition in 1927, which he failed to win.


Sterne died in 1957.

"Coney Island"
"Marian Anderson"
Untitled [Tree]
"Rancho de Chimio"
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