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Maud Squire was born in 1873 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her father, Alfred, was a violinist and musician. He eventually owned a large music store, selling sheet music and instruments. He reportedly taught Squire music and her mother taught her drawing. Her family proudly reports that Squire was equally gifted in arts, language and music, and that after collage she chose art as her professional goal. She enrolled at the Cincinnati Art Academy in the 1984 - 1985 school year when she was 21 years old. It is there where she met Ethel Mars, with whom she remained together for the rest of their lives.


(Please see “Ethel Mars” page for more biographical information on their lives together).


Squire ceased working after the early 1930s, except for an occasional drawing or painting. She died in France in 1954.


[Excerpts from Catherine Ryan, “Tres Complementaires’]

"Woman Sewing"
"Tocque de 1912"
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