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Marilyn Lober Colucci’s love for art began in high school where her love for drawing led her to create a portfolio of high fashion illustrations and figures. She never truly evolved until she moved to Provincetown, Massachusetts in late 2001. A talented singer with a strong and passionate touch, Marilyn’s voice was her first form of art. She sings from her soul evoking the pain and sorrows of life. Little did she know sharing a room in that soul was an untouched jewel?  This love bloomed in the dramatic colors and light she found in Provincetown. Here is where earlier artists, using the techniques of the Cape School of Art, such as “plein air” painting showcased the breathtaking seascapes and landscapes of Cape Cod as well as still life.  Painting the breakwater where the Pilgrims first landed in Provincetown is one of her favorite seascapes to do. Marilyn, often using the palette knife, incorporated her own style of abstract expressionism. She also found a true passion in painting the female figure abstractly and also loves to paint styles of fashion. With her balance of color and tonalities in the feminine shape she often evokes a sensual and emotional composition.  Like her earlier experience with music, she uses emotion to create dark and colorful notes. She also paints when she feels the need to make political and emotional statements. She doesn’t limit herself and embraces all art, as well as street photography which is her new passion.


Marilyn is now living one of her dreams as an artist but will also forever love fashion, singing, music, theatre and photography. Frida Kahlo was Marilyn’s first early artistic influences. She also loves the art of Matisse, Modigliani, Gustav Klimt, William and Lucy L’Engle and admires the abstract expressionism of Jackson Pollack. After her experience of September 11th, 2001, she left the Broadway lights where she worked for Actors’ Equity Association, gratefully helping professional actors for 12 years. Marilyn was born and bred in Queens, New York and now resides in Provincetown, Massachusetts with her spouse Joanne who was a first responder on 9/11.


“I paint with a passion as a conductor conducts an orchestra. The colors I choose are like music notes coming together to create a symphony.  I must paint with passion for if there is no passion there will be no painting.”

- Marilyn Lober Colucci




2013 Miniatures - Group Show, Julie Heller East - Provincetown, MA

2012 Still Life Exhibition Old and New, Julie Heller East - Provincetown, MA 

2010 Juried Exhibition  for “Women’s Week,” Caught in the Rain, Julie Heller

          Gallery - Provincetown, MA 

2010 Juried Exhibition Members Juried Hand Made Holiday Cards Celebrate the

          Freedom of the Lights of the Season, Provincetown Art Association

          Museum - Provincetown, MA

2009 Icons & Art, Michelle & Barack Exhibition, J. Lucas Gallery -

          Provincetown, MA

2007 Juried Exhibition I’d Rather Be Writing, Provincetown Art Association

          Museum - Provincetown, MA

2006-Present Lorraine's World of Flavor New American Mexican Cuisine, Solo

          Exhibition - Provincetown, MA

2006-2011 Wampum, Etc…Creative Jewelry - Provincetown, MA

2006 All Provincetown Show, Fine Arts Work Center

2006 Juried Miniatures Exhibition Morning Shower, Provincetown Art

          Association Museum - Provincetown, MA 

2005-Present 12" x 12" Panel Exhibitions, Provincetown Art Association

           Museum - Provincetown, MA

2002-Present Members' Open Shows, Provincetown Art Association Museum -

          Provincetown, MA



2012 “Harry’s Cape Cod Rainwear” Isaac Mizrahi – Project Sketch,

           1st Runner-up



Carly Simon