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Artist Judy Friday's abstract and simplified landscapes are soft and bold at the same time.  She writes,


“The act of painting the sky begins the moment I open my eyes to the new day. If there is something out there that inspires me, I can’t get to my spot on the shore fast enough. I throw my painting gear in the car and drive too fast, saying the whole way, 'don’t go, don’t change.'

I paint the sky over the water in the early morning -- it is a small oil on board study so I can capture the mood quickly. I then take it into the studio where I paint a larger work using oil-based etching ink on paper. The painting gets further abstracted in this stage."

There is a warm luminosity in Friday's work that brings the viewer to the beach with her.



Friday.Watery Sunrise_edited
Friday.Yellow and Lilac Sky_edited
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