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Born in San Francisco, Grant (1875 - 1962) sailed around Cape Horn to England when he was twelve, where, according to his father's wishes, he attended the Fife Academy in Scotland. Later on, he continued his studies at the Heatherley art schools in London.


Upon his return to America in 1896, he became a well known illustrator for many important periodicals of that time. After World War I he became a full time marine artist, painting in both oil and watercolors. His focus was on historical sail subjects, and he had numerous exhibitions all around the United States, as well as at the Paris salon. He also wrote and illustrated a number of books about the sea.


In 1925 Grant made a voyage to the Bering sea in the sailing ship Star of Alaska, now preserved in San Francisco under her original name Balclutha. Grant was one of the best known and most successful painters of marine art of his day. 


"Drifting In"
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