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Flora Schoenfeld (1873-1960) -- also known as Flora Schofield -- was born in Chicago, and studied art in Chicago and Paris with modern masters including Fernand Leger, Albert Gleizes, and Andre Lhote.   


Schoenfeld was a member of the Chicago Society of Artists, 10 Artists (Chicago), the Provincetown Art Association, and the New York Society of Women Artists, and exhibited in the Carnegie International, the Detroit, Cleveland, Brooklyn and Boston museums, and the Art Institute of Chicago.  Abroad she has exhibited in the Salon d'Automne, Salon des Independents and Sur Independents. One-artist exhibitions of her work have been held at the Art Institute of Chicago and Galerie Carmine in Paris.  She was awarded the Jules Bower prize for landscape in 1929 and the Harry Frank prize for figure composition in 1931.



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Untitled [Nude]
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