“When working my canvases, I use memory, experience, and imagination. My paintings have a clarity of mood, but a vague sense of place. Always thinking that less is more, I distill an image in my mind while I'm painting it.  I choose elements of painting that are ‘signature’ components of my work: strong use of obliques, tonal color, transparent layers, a solitary feeling and big energizing skies.”


Artist Elizabeth Lazeren, a regular visitor to the Outer Cape since 1950, made it her permanent home in 2004. One of Lazeren’s earliest memories is from the Hartford Art School, drawing after other children had stopped drawing. Fortunate to have had parents who recognized her ‘strong suit’, they brought her to the Wadsworth Athenaeum at an early age. . . and that was all she needed. Here is where she first saw the great paintings that would enrich her mind’s eye. With lessons from Athenaeum instructors, she learned how to transform drawings into paintings. Years later, when she was enrolled at the Hartford Art School (now part of the University of Hartford), the drawing and painting classes were held in same upstairs studio rooms where she had first learned to paint as a child. Lazeren went on to instruct art students at the university for 28 years.


Recent honors include an artist residency at J. Alden Weir Farm the only National Park dedicated to an American painter; and membership in Boston’s Copley Society of Art. 

"Elizabeth is best known for her marine paintings that have a solitary and sublime melancholy."

-American Art Collector 



Wadsworth Antheneum, Hartford, CT

B.A. Hartford Art School, W. Hartford, CT

M.A. Wesleyan Univ. Middletown, CT



Mass. General Hospital

National Parks of America

CB Richard Ellis

Duncaster Retirement Community

Amica Mutual Insurance

lazeren.Sailors take warning. 16x20.oil.
lazeren.Tidal Marsh.18x36.oil
Lazeren.On The Spit
Lazeren.Quarter Horse.16x20.oil