“It’s so interesting for me to see these two groups of photographs shown together at the same time. Differences and similarities within each group seem almost the same, but what a difference the environment makes. 


The sepia-toned photographs, made primarily in 2003, are intimate and formal; objects are carefully arranged in a darkened space — appearing to tell a story.  Present are deep shadows and luminous highlights where objects emerge from the depths.  


The more recent color photographs, on the other hand, are both brighter visually and lighter in energy.  Being flooded with head-on light, shadows are diminished and the picture plane flattens; objects tend to float on a surreal plane and the play of color fields can be as important, or more important than any of the individual objects.  The compositions let loose, the objects begin to breathe and become more animated — coming together in a way that can be either natural or improbable. This animation — the play of objects against and with each other — is the story in full.


Some of the more “surreal” elements in the photographs appear to be the work of photo trickery but are, in fact, straight photography. The placement of the objects appears to be impossible in the real world — that they are possible but read otherwise, amuses and entertains me, and keeps me in the art of making photographs.”

– David Halliday




1998  Penland School of Crafts - Penland, NC

1988  The Maine Photographic Workshops - Rockport, ME

1976-79  Syracuse University, NY

1974-76  Wooster School Community Art Center - Danbury, CT




2002 Contemporary Arts Center - New Orleans, LA 

          Edward Carter Gallery - Lewes, DE 

2001 Wessel +O'Connor Fine Arts - New York, NY

          Carrie Haddad Gallery - Hudson,  NY

          Bassetti Fine Art Photographs - New Orleans, LA

          Sailor's Valentine Gallery - Nantucket, MA

2000 Fong/Heimerdinger Fine Art - San Francisco, CA

          Anne Reed Gallery - Kerchum, ID

          Wessel + O'Connor Fine Arts - New York, NY

1999 Julie Heller Gallery - Provincetown, MA 

          Bassetti Fine Art Photographs - New Orleans, LA

          Sailor's Valentine Gallery - Nantucket, MA

1998 Carrie Haddad Gallery - Hudson, NY 

         (X) Gallery - Nantucket, MA

1997 Fay Gold Gallery - Atlanta, GA 

          Bridgewater/Lustberg Gallery - New York, NY

          Bassetti Fine Art Photographs - New Orleans, LA

1996 Cole Prart Gallery - New Orleans, LA

          Bridgewater/Lustberg Gallery - New York, NY

1995 Cole Pratt Gallery - New Orleans, LA

          Icons Gallery - New Orleans, LA

          Gallery of Contemporary Art - Hudson, NY 

1994 Bridgewater/Lustberg Gallery - New York, NY

          Icons Gallery - New Orleans, LA 

1992 Icons Gallery - New Orleans, LA

         Warren Street Gallery - Hudson, NY




2001 Festival Garonne - Toulouse, France

2000 The Selective Eye, Anne Reed Gallery - Ketchum, ID

          Contemporary Photography by Emerging and Established  Talent, M.A. Doran

          Gallery - Tulsa, OK

          Photography Now, Contemporary Arts Center - New Orleans, LA 

          Revelations: Male Nudes, Carrie Haddad Gallery - Hudson, NY

1999 Male IV, Julian Hartnoll Gallery - London, UK

          Young Work, New Work, Locus Gallery - St. Louis, Missouri Twig, Los Angeles

1998 Southside Gallery - Oxford, MS

          Come Out, Come Out Whatever You Are, Hanson Gallery - New Orleans, LA 

          Julie Heller Gallery - Provincetown, MA

1997 Carnival, Kathleen Ewing Gallery - Washington, DC

1996 The Portrait, Marlborough Gallery - New York, NY

          Hunter Museum of American Art - Chattanooga, TN

1995 Southside Gallery - Oxford, MS

1994 Warren Street Gallery - Hudson, NY

          Browns Fine Art - Jackson, MS 

1992 (X) Gallery - Nantucket, MA

          Pittsfield Museum - Pittsfield, MA

'Purple Hydrangea'
'Grapefruit and Eucalyptus'
'Grasshopper and Tomatillas'
'Male Nude'


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