Christie Scheele wasn’t always a landscape painter. Grounded in contemporary art, minimalism, color field abstraction, she first did abstractions and then figurative/narrative work. Landscape came later, when Scheele reached the limits of calculated, self-referential narrative and needed to open things up. Ironically, one of the most traditional of forms proved the most liberating. There was still a sense of narrative, but the specific story dropped away.


The discipline of her academic training — Christie Scheele studied in Spain at the Royal Academy — can be seen in her flawless technique. The years of abstract painting can be seen in the flattened, diffuse and interlocking forms, and in the subtle variations of color. There is a reduction to essentials, an elimination of unnecessary details. Though Scheele plans her work carefully, her road map allows for unexpected turns. Image emerges through process.


“I explore power and beauty in both the landscape and with the abstract elements of painting. As a non-regional landscape painter, I use images from all over the world, all of the places I have been. With the right atmospherics, anything and everything can reflect a powerful beauty - from a sunset at sea to smokestacks or headlights on a road at dusk.”

-Christie Scheele




2009 Perspectives, Chance-Randall Gallery - Andes, NY

2008 Changing Winds, Craven Gallery - Martha’s Vineyard, MA

2008 Autumn Elegance, Asher Neiman Gallery - Redbank, NJ

2008 Stopping Time, Albert Shahinain Fine Art

2007 A New Season, Art Forms - Redbank, NJ

2006 Here and There, Carol Craven Gallery - Martha’s Vineyard, MA

2006 New York at Night,  DFN Gallery - New York, NY

2005 Into the Forest, DFN Gallery - New York, NY

2002 Art of the 20th Century at the Armory, Craven Gallery -

          New York, NY 

2001 Ahead of the Storm, Upstate Art - Phoenicia, NY

1999 Carrie Haddad Gallery - Hudson, NY

1997 Chasing The View, Woodstock Artists Association 

1991 Spring Forward, James Cox Gallery - Woodstock, NY

'Creeks #1'
'Moors #1'
'Yellow Band'
'Radiant Swash'
'Harbor with Blues'
'Edge of Discovery'
'Lush Fall Sky'
'Study/Looks like Rain'
'Study/Blue Above'
'Green Horizons'
'Boats at Rest'