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"I use formal value in my paintings.  Formalism is a way to understand art in a different way.  Formalism means that a painting is entirely determined by its form - the way it is made - in a purely visual, compositional way.  Formalism means that as an artist, I can choose to emphasize compositional elements, like line, form, color, shape, and texture, rather than realism and content."  

2017 Artist Statement:


This body of work was inspired by the landscape of the Fine Arts Work Center during a recent art residency.


I choose to emphasize compositional elements, such as line, form, shape, color, and texture.  


As such, the work becomes a blend of realism and abstraction. 

- Carole Ann Danner



Carole Ann Danner has a Masters Degree in Painting from the Mass. College of Art and the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown. 

MFA Massachusetts College of Art at the Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown
B.S. Lesley College, Cambridge, MA, 1990 Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL, Art History, 1998-2001
Salamanca, Spain, Painting with UNF Professor, LF Brown, 2000

Cape Wave on-line magazine, written by Laura Reckford, May 2013
Cape Cod View, Mothers, Aunts, Grandmothers May 2010
Barnstable Enterprise 2009, Seniors to Light
Artscope, 8 in '08 Group Show, Mass Art, Boston
Artscope, Rena Lindstrom, MFA Favorite Shows of 2007
Brilliant Corners, jazz literature arts magazine cover, Dec. 2006
Cape Cod Life, featured mid-cape artist, May 2005
Cape Arts Review, New Galleries on the Scene, Summer 2005 Cape Cod Times, Review by Andre Van Der Wende, Jan. 2004


Group Exhibitions / Associations:
2017 Julie Heller Gallery 2 person show "Yellow" August 25-Sept. 7, 2017
2017 Dennis Senior Center, one person senior portrait show 
2017 Harvest Gallery Dennis Group Show 
2017 Cultural Center of Cape Cod, Mutual Muse show
2016 Julie Heller Gallery group shows
2015 Lost Cat, Art in Age of Social Media,Cape Museum of Fine Arts Group Show
2015 Impromtu, Cultural Center Group Show
2015 Julie Heller Gallery, Provincetown, 2 Person Show of Abstract Landscapes
2015 Cultural Center of Cape Cod, Mutual Muses, Group Show with Poets
2015 Cotuit Center for the Arts, Figurative Group Show
2014 Cape Museum of Fine Arts, Seven, Group Show
2014 Julie Heller Gallery, Provincetown, Group Show of Interiors
2014 Seniors Helping Seniors, Yarmouth, Solo Show
2014 Cultural Center of Cape Cod, Mutual Muses, Group Show with Poets
2013 Cutrona Gallery, Mashpee, Group Show Reviewed by Andre Van Der Wende 
2013 Julie Heller Gallery, Provincetown, Rooftops, A Gallery Group Show
2013 Cultural Center of Cape Cod, Art of Aging Group Show
2013 Provincetown Art Assn. & Museaum Still Life & 12 x 12 shows
2013 Julie Heller Gallery Encuastic 2 person show
2013 Arts Foundation Juried Show, Making Waves, Cotuit Center for the Arts
2013 Cultural Center of Cape Cod, Mutual Muses, Group Show with Poets
2012 Airport Exhibition at Barnstable Airport, November to June 2013
2012 September Group Show, Julie Heller Gallery, Provincetown
2012 August 17th Opening (8/17-8/30) - 2 Person Show at Julie Heller Gallery, Provincetown
2012 June 1st to 7th - 2 Person Encaustic Show at Julie Heller Gallery, Provincetown
2012 March 2-April 29, PAAM Portrait Show
2012 Mutual Muses, Art & Poetry, Cultural Center, Yarmouth
2011 Something Cloudy, Something Clear, Cape Cod Community College
2011 Julie Heller Gallery, Land, Sea, and Sky
2011 Julie Heller Gallery, Figurative Show
2011 Elizabeth Ivers Gallery, 508 W. 26th Street, NY, NY, PROVINCETOWN, Selections from the Julie Heller Gallery, April 15-June 4, 2011
2011 Tao Water Gallery, Barnstable, Group Show
2011 Julie Heller Gallery, Provincetown, Nude show

2010 Julie Heller Gallery - Provincetown, MA

2010 Harvest Gallery

2009 Julie Heller Gallery - Provincetown, MA

2009 Cape Cod Museum of Art 22nd Annual Art Auction Group Show

2008 Kobalt Gallery - Provincetown, MA

2008 DNA Gallery, 15th Anniversary Season Group Show -

         Provincetown, MA

2008 Point of View, Women Creating, Cape Cod Community College

          Higgins Gallery 

2008 8 in ’08 MFA Group Show, Massachusetts College of Art Doran

         Gallery - Boston, MA

2007 MFA Thesis Show, Provincetown Art Association and Museum -

          Provincetown, MA

2006 Harvest Gallery Group Show

2005 Newbury on Newbury Street, Boston Group Show, Introducing

          Local Artists

2003 Abstract Figures, Guyer Barn - Hyannis, MA

2000 Florida Atlantic University Gallery Group Show

'Beyond the Horizon'
'Under the Yellow Sky'
'In the Summertime'
'Moon Dance'
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