Carol Caradimos is primarily a landscape painter who works in both oil and pastel. She prefers working en plein air and approaches each landscape painting as a portrait of a day, focusing on evoking the setting’s mood and character. Plein air painting helps her to live in the real, natural world, where time passes in shadow lengths and color shifts. She believes the artist is best educated, and humbled, in trying to convincingly represent natural light. 


In her work, Carol intends to portray the essential truth of the scene, bringing the viewer to an uncomplicated, harmonious place, in a particular day of its life.


Carol’s route to painting has come full circle, having first studied art, and later earning a BA in English from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, and a Master’s in Educational Media and Technology from Boston University. After working in marketing and copywriting, the urge to paint resurfaced undeniably. Since 2002 Carol has been studying pastel and oil painting, both independently, and with various accomplished artists.

'Summer Morning'
'Library Cupola'
'Shacks in Grasses'
'Ptown Library, Spring'
'Shacks Provincetown'