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Bruce McKain was born on a farm in Freetown, Southern Indiana. He attended Indiana University and graduated from John Herron Art School in Indianapolis. He also studied in Provincetown with Charles W. Hawthorne and Henry Hensche.


McKain has lived and painted in Provincetown since 1932. Having served many terms as a Trustee of the Provincetown Art Association, he was Director for five years and has been represented in every exhibition held there since 1933.


Other exhibitions in which he has shown include the national Academy, the American Federation of Arts Traveling Shows, the Cape Cod Art Association, the Sarasota Art Association, the New York World’s Fair, the University of Illinois, Jordan Marsh Exhibits and Hoosier Salons.


Three times he was awarded 1st prize at the Cape Cod Art Association, has received the Richard Mitton Memorial Award, the Smith-Alsop prize, William H. Block Award and Thomas C. Werbe prize.


He is represented in the permanent collection of Worcester Art Museum, Springfield Art museum and Chrysler Art Museum, as well as numerous private collections.


"Toward the Flagship"
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