Brian Goblik graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art in 1996 with Honors in Painting.


He then attended a number of classes at the Museum School of Boston. He has participated in several group shows and has had some solo shows from galleries around the country.


His work is primarily small, intimate oil pastels. His favorite subject matters are landscapes and the depiction of the human figure, adhering to the traditions of all the great schools of painting. But what is extraordinary about his work is his explosion of color. The small surfaces vibrate with strong, bold, luminous colors reminiscent of those that the Fauves used last century. He works the entire surface of his paper, covering it with rich hues and layering it creating a texture that is unique to oil pastels.


“My oil pastel paintings have long been a result of working directly from nature. Working from nature allows me to see colors as they exist in their natural setting, teaching me a sense of color harmony and interplay. I began using oil pastels as a tool from transcribing new visual and meditative experiences quickly, as I traveled about, and I continue bringing them wherever I go.”

- Brian Goblik

'East End in June'
'Ancora Pprppapia'
'Vermont Firehouse Drawing Sessions'
Untitlled [Boats]
'September Sunset'