Whether of the ocean or prairie -- Ben Shattuck's still life paintings show a keen awareness of the way light hits the glass of a bell jar -- but also, a real understanding of just how fragile our environment is.

He writes 'The Cod' series underscores "a relevant and pressing environmental issue: the devastation of cod populations along the eastern seaboard. To paint a still life of a fish today means something very different than it did 300 years ago."

Ben Shattuck (b. 1984) is a graduate Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art, and Planning, and of University of Iowa’s Iowa Writers’ Workshop. 


Julie Heller Gallery is pleased to represent his work here in Provincetown.

Shattuck.Whitefish in Jar
Shattuck.Holland Springtime
Shattuck.Three Herring
Shattuck.Two Sunflowers
Shattuck.Two Fish, Bell Jar