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Agnes Weinrich (1873 - 1946) worked as a painter and woodblock printer in New York City and Provincetown. She came from a prosperous Iowa farm family, an advantage which later allowed her to make contact with the New York art world.  She was a good friend of Peggy Guggenheim.


Weinrich studied art in Berlin from 1900-03, in Paris with Andre Lhote, and later at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Art Students League, and in Provincetown with Charles Hawthorne. She led a group of young artists in Provincetown who experimented with Cubism. Their work led, ultimately, to a split in the Provincetown Art Association between the conservatives and radicals in 1927. Following her sister Helen's marriage in 1922 to artist Karl Knaths, Agnes became a major influence on his work and introduced him into the New York art scene. The three of them lived together for the rest of Weinrich's life.




Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

Society of Independent Artists, New York, NY

Phillips Memorial Gallery

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

Art Institute of Chicago

Salons of America

Corcoran Gallery of Art

Provincetown Art Association and Museum

"Yellow Vase"
Untitled [Trees]
Untitled Abstract
Untitled [Landscape]
Untitled [Flowers in Vase]
Untitled [Abstract]
Untitled [Abstract Flowers]
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