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Coming to the U.S. in 1923 from London, England, Ada Rayner worked as a governess for many years, while taking art classes at the Art Student's League, Columbia University, and the Grand Central School of Art, all in New York City. Her life was about to change after she visited Provincetown, Massachusetts in 1930 and met Henry Hensche. She returned the following summer and made Provincetown her home from then on, taking painting classes with Henry. In 1936, the two were married. 

Ada became well known for her beautiful garden, and painted a large number of landscapes, portraits and florals. Her work was exhibited numerous times locally, as well as at the Grand Central Galleries in
New York City, and the Copley Society in Boston.


Rayner.Provincetown Street
Ada Rayner
Ada Rayner
Ada Rayner
Rayner Mudhead doublesided
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